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10 Hip Hop Stars Land On List of Highest Paid Musicians of 2019


Hip Hop biggest earners of 2019

Travis Scott dropped a single called “Highest in the Room” but he’s not the highest paid musician. Taylor Swift holds the number one position of the highest earner for 2019 but followed second by her nemesis, Kanye West. Although his album was long delayed, West earned $150 million in 2019. Nine other hip hop stars graced the top 40 of Forbes Highest Paid Musicians of 2019 list.

40- Migos – Earned $36 million in 2019 but expect even more lucrative deals next year when they drop another joint album.

34- Kendrick Lamar was in a 3 way tie for this spot earning $38.5 million.

29- DJ Khaled. His ‘Father of Asahd’ album might not have debuted at #1 but Khaled earned $40 million this year. **He tied with The Weeknd for the 29th spot**.

12- Travis Scott had another incredible year that kicked off with a Super Bowl performance. He earned $58 million from touring and merchandise.

9- Diddy earned a huge amount of money this year as a media mogul and Vodka brand owner. He collected $70 million in 2019.

8- Drake is always a headline maker and with his ventures into sports ownership with the Toronto Raptors he made $75 million this year.

7- Beyonce and Jay-Z tied with earnings of $81 million each.