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50 Cent Loses Big Bucks In Sale of Connecticut Home

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50 cent sells huge CT mansion for loss

The good news is that 50 Cent has finally sold his Connecticut mansion, the bad news is he took a huge loss. The sprawling 50,000 square foot home that features 25 bathrooms and 21 bedrooms was purchased back in 2003 for $4.1 million but 50 put in a reported $10 million in renovations.

50 was asking $18.5 million for the home since putting it on the market in 2007. After over 10 years of sitting on the investment property, 50 finally sold the home for only $3 million. The shrewd businessman suffered a financial loss, however he is donating that $3 million to his own charity the G-Unity Foundation.

50 cent sells connecticut mansion at huge loss

inside 50 cent's huge CT mansion inside 50 cent's huge CT mansion