50 Cent Praises Fat Joe’s Weight loss; DJ Khaled and Big Sean Show Off Their Summer Bodies Too

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50 cent says call fat joe fit joe now after slim down


50 Cent was inspired to hit the gym by Fat Joe’s slim down. He posted this photo commenting, “Fat Joe aint even fat no more. That shit is out of style.” He added, “Joe think he slick, he slim down so he could fit the designer shit… I’m calling Joe ‘Fit Joe’.”


dj kahled shows weight loss progress


DJ Khaled also showed off the progress he’s made as a spokesperson for Weight Watchers. Looking at this before and after Khaled said, “Wow I can’t believe that was me on the left wow ? I look like I couldn’t even breath smh ! But look at me now !!!!!!!!”

Big Sean is another rapper who’s been hitting the gym. He used to be really skinny but now he says he’s in the best shape of his life.



So which rapper is next to get in shape? 50 Cent called out Busta Rhymes and his “big neck.”