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50 Cent Says Michael Blackson Owes Him Money

50 cent says comedian michael blackson owes him money

50 Cent dropped a video exposing another celebrity of owing him money. He recalls he was at famed strip club Ace Of Diamonds with the comedian when a dancer came up on their table and began to twerk. 50 threw some money at the girl but Blackson just sat there. 50 says Blackson owes him for putting in extra cash on his behalf.



Blackson denies being stingy with his stacks saying he did throw some but added,”Hey AOD since ya want to add ya 2 cents to this 50 cent problem I’ll like a fucking refund on the money Forty gave me to throw on ya strippers for being almost fucking dressed during a lap dance. I’m not sure if ya dancers are strippers or bottle girls without bottles, beeches at regular clubs are less dressed than ya strippers. Next time I want to throw money on fully dressed beeches I’ll just take my ass to Macy’s.”

Michael Blackson wants his money back from strippers


Check out Blackson’s hilarious video response below where he details that the money was a gift since 50 didn’t request it back within 3 days.