50 Cent Trolls Fabolous and Emily B’s Relationship Problems

50 cent trolls fab about him attending his yacht party

50 Cent is bringing his Tycoon Weekend from Atlanta to NY. The rapper announce on social media that his huge yacht party will be an amazing event adding ‘the turn up is real.” 50 is promising over 200 sexy ladies will be in attendance including Jhonnie Blaze, Deelishis, and Tahiry.

He teased NY rapper Fabolous saying he better warn his longtime girlfriend Emily B that there will be other ladies in attendance adding, “It’s supposed to be family weekend anyway. It’s not Tycoon weekend for Fab. Fab, you supposed to stay in the house, n***a.” 50 is referring to the latest cheating allegations where Fabolous was spotted having dinner with a woman he says is a teacher he is working on a charity event with.