Apryl Jones Names All The Celebs Creeping In Her DMs

apryl jones names all the celebs in her dms lusting for her

The mother of Omarion’s children, Apryl Jones, is a sexy lady who admittedly got famous because of who she’s slept with. In a recent drunken video rant she said, “I’m a celebrity because I f*ck a celebrity and I became what ya’ll thought I couldn’t become.” She’s also been rumored to be dating Omarion’s band mate and fellow Love & Hip Hop star Lil Fizz.

In the video she mentions Fizz, The Game, Shaq and several other celebs who are sending her messages and trying to get in her pants. “So, let me just say, I’m a celebrity because Omarion f*cked this p*ssy and I have two kids by him. And now, Lil Fizz wants to f*ck this p*ssy. And, because I’m a celebrity and because The Game wants to f*ck this p*ssy and because A$AP wants to f*ck this p*ssy.”


Apryl went on to say it’s more than just sexual desire. She thinks these men really respect her too. Check out the rest of Jones’ NSFW rant and watch as Apryl Jones touches her body in the video below.