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Atlanta Rapper Ralo Facing “Conspiracy To Commit A Felony” Charge!

Atlanta Rapper Ralo Facing Conspiracy To Commit A Felony Charge



Damn Ralo, say it ain’t so. Fresh out of Atlanta 11Alive:



DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — Atlanta rapper Ralo is in police custody after being arrested for conspiracy charges following a raid at his southwest Atlanta apartment.

According to DeKalb County Jail records, the 23-year-old, whose given name is Terrell Davis, was arrested April 15 and charged with conspiracy to commit a felony.



Authorities are keeping information tight lipped. They aren’t giving out a lot of details regarding Ralo’s charges. In Ralo’s recent interviews he talked about giving back to the community he came from. He recently went viral after video surfaced online of him throwing money in the air for homeless people.  When asked why he did it, Ralo had this to say:


“I feel like I’ve been throwing money in the club all my life,” the rapper said. “My friend Gucci Mane and I was in the club making it rain and I just wasn’t feeling it. I was making it rain for all the wrong reasons.” he decided he would use it to pay it forward in his own way – by “making it rain” for Atlanta’s homeless.




We hope Ralo is able to clear this mess up and get back to the business of making music.