Audio Released Of Chronic Sexual Harasser Harvey Weinstein!

One of the biggest stories circulating online is about Harvey Weinstein paying off sexual harassment accusers for decades.

Hear audio of Harvey Weinstein captured by a Filipina-Italian model named Ambra Battilana Gutierrez as part of a 2015 NYPD sting operation . You can hear Weinstein beg the woman to come in his room while he plans to take a shower. Our question is; if they were onto this dude in 2015, how come these allegations are just getting mainstream traction now?

This story was broke by The NYTimes but Gawker brand Defamer was on to his antics even before them. Money and power goes a long way in covering up stuff like this but what’s done in the dark sooner or later comes to light. This dude is pretty much cooked.