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Bang ‘Em Smurf Reminisces On The Time 50 Cent Showed Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff He Wasn’t A Pushover


We all hear the stories about 50 Cent in the streets but sometime it’s good to get a first hand account from someone who was actually there. Bang ‘Em Smurf was running with 50 before the fame so he can shed some light on the street sh*t that went down before all the cameras and blogs created their version of 50. In the video below, Smurf recounts a story of Supreme coming to the block one day to talk with Fifty. According to his recollection of events, things didn’t go as Preme may have planned.


He came up to the block and shit and try to talk to 50.
But like he try to put his hand on 50 head. So 50 pushed his hand off you heard and put his hand on his (Preme) head.
Ohh man Preme ain’t like that. Know what I mean.
So that’s when I guess Preme knew there ain’t no talking with this guy. This is a nigga, he don’t respect me.


You can hear more from Bang Em Smurf in the clip below: