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Beef: Desiigner Threatens To “Slap The Sh*t” Out Of Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy

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Brooklyn artist Desiigner was definitely not in a playful mood. The Panda rapper called into The Breakfast Club to voice his support for their mental health fundraiser “Change 4 Change Radiothon”. Unfortunately when he got off the phone, he caught wind of the fact that Charlamagne and Envy were mocking his voice. He let them know he wasn’t up for the B.S. Peep the clip below:


“Yo Charlamagne let me tell you something,”  “I just woke up and shit. I’m cool. I was just laughing on the phone, but yo man I’m a grown ass man bro. Envy, I will slap the shit out of y’all. Deadass. I’m a grown man I work and do this all by myself. Don’t play with me. I’m doing something good for a change. I’m changing the world. I’m doing this shit. Y’all making fun of my voice like bro I will beat the shit out of both of y’all … Don’t play yourself. Go to work. Go to Power 105. Go to work, bro. You got kids that go to school, nigga.”

Do you think Desiigner was too much in his feelings or did he have the right to check them?