Bench Warrant Issued For Tyga



bench warrant issued for tyga; money problems


Tyga was supposed to be in court on March 4th for an ongoing case where a fan is suing him for injuries sustained during one of his concerts. The court date was to be a deposition for a default judgement but his law team said “due to a last minute work obligation,” Tyga could not attend. The judge ordered a bench warrant with a $250k bail which Tyga’s team said was just a technicality for “the sole purpose of ensuring that Tyga will sit for the next debtor’s exam. This is a civil matter.”

The case in question is by Shyanne Riekena who had a light stand fall on her and bust open her head during a 2015 show. Riekena was awarded a $235k but she has yet to receive a payment. The payment was increased in 2017 by an additional $15,000 but Tyga has yet to pay up. Tyga has been rumored to have money issued owing both the IRS and having cars repossessed.