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Birdman’s Bank Account Seized For $1 Million Debt

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Birdman bank accounts seized

Court documents show that Birdman’s bank account is being seized for a $1 million debt he owed to a former employee. Nicolas Jose Penzo has requested a subpoena to Citibank after a Florida judge awarded a default judgment against Birdman in the amount of $1,069,876.

Penzo originally sued Birdman for working as his property manager but says the music mogul failed to pay him and owes him thousands in unpaid wages. In his initial plea, Penzo wrote to the judge that “The Defendant gave me several checks which were returned from his bank for insufficient funds and currently owes me $30,000 in unpaid wages, not including overtime.”

We’re pretty sure Birdman will still be able to eat after $1Million comes out of his account.