Blac Chyna Flaunts Money But Is Being Sued For $48,000 In Unpaid Rent


Leaked legal documents show that Blac Chyna is being sued for a whopping $48k for unpaid rent. A former landlord says Chyan rented out a 6 bedroom, 5 bathroom home in Studio City for $16,000 a month back in 2017. He says she extended her lease until March of 2019 however she broke the lease by vacating the home in November of of 2018. The landlord says he is owed $30,546 in unpaid rent, plus $18,006.06 in damages, for a grand total of $48,552.06 and is suing her to recoup this plus he wants Chyna to pay his attorney fees as well.

Chyna may have bounced on her rent but she’s flaunting her fur coat and luxury cars on social media. Check out her latest video post below.