Blac Chyna Leaves Kids At Home For Hawaii Vacation With Kid Buu; Then Police Called To Hotel

Rob Kardashian reported that he was all ready to hand over his daughter Dream to mom Blac Chyna when she went MIA. He say he couldn’t get in touch with Chyna or the nannies for the exchange, a claim Chyna denies. Chyna says Rob was just jealous that she made a spur of the moment trip to Hawaii with her new bae Kid Buu. Chyna says the nannies were ready and willing to take care of Dream.

Blac Chyna and Kid Buu were posting videos of their sexy vacation earlier in the weekend.

It turns out Chyna’s Hawaiian vacation also didn’t end well. At 5am police and EMT were were called to her Ritz-Carlton hotel in Honolulu on a domestic abuse call. No charges were pressed  but authorities noted that she allegedly scratched him, and Kid Buu allegedly threw her against a wall and choked her. Guess this relationship is over.