Blac Chyna Says “I’m Not Proud of Some of the Pain I’ve Caused” In Emotional Letter

blac chyna says she wants to do better in raw emotional letter


Most known for social media pics in sexy outfits and product promotion, Blac Chyna switched it up with a raw emotional letter to her fans. Chyna says in recent years she’s been “bullied, humiliated, manipulated and discredited as a mom.” But she’s also accepting some blame for her tabloid headlines saying, “I’m not proud of some of the pain I have caused, but I am working to be the best me.”


blac chyna raw emotional letter posted on social media


Although Chyna didn’t get into specifics about “the pain” she caused there certainly have been headlines of leaving her children with nannies to go on vacation, fights with Alexis Skyy and her arrest for domestic battery in Hawaii. We wish her the best in her journey.