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Bow Wow Drops New Music Addressing Issues With Chris Brown- ‘Drunk Off Ciroc’


Bow Wow has been in the news quite a lot the last couple of days. First it was over a video of him getting punched and now he has released new music that is stirring up a little controversy.  It seems like Bow stepped into the studio booth ‘Drunk Off Ciroc’ and got all emotional.


“I skipped a show just so I could see you Chris/Day ones, me and you been through a lot of sh*t/No matter what you gonna always be my little brother/And it kill me when we in public and we ain’t speaking to each other/This sh*t crazy/Oh my fault, Brown, this sh*t brazy/We grown men, let’s turn this sh*t around.”


Click play on the visuals below:


Chris Brown responded to the name drop on a Instagram post, simply stating… “I’M CONFUSED….U good bro?”. To be cont…