Bow Wow Goes Off! He Trashes Cameras On Set of “Growing Up Hip Hop”

Bow Wow has been dropping hints that he’s not emotionally OK and  this week he finally went off. Sources on the set of “Growing Up Hip Hop” say on Thursday Bow Wow went into a violent rage trashing Atlanta’s Westside Cultural Arts Center where the reality cast was filming and celebrating Da Brat getting off probation. He destroyed 3 of the cameras filming him and attacked any and everyone who tried to stop him. Cops were called but no arrests were made.

The 31-year-old addressed the incident on a live social media video saying,  “Stop fucking over reacting and stop with the sympathy texts to my [phone],” he wrote. “Y’all are not the therapist so stop acting like one. I got this. Thanks.”

A few days before the incident, Bow Wow posted this video clip but the full documentary has yet to be released.



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