Advice For Bow Wow: Don’t Hate The Player, Hate The Game

In today’s hip-hop gossip mill,  Bow Wow seems to be a little salty at Future. Bow’s ego seems to have been bruised when he found out the mother of his daughter was on a getaway with the Atlanta hit maker. Bow has a daughter named Shai with Joie Chavis.  Joie was spotted enjoying her birthday on IG in the below post:

It was #JoieChavis’ bday last night and of course #Future was right there to celebrate with his bae….That’s him sitting next to her, but he moved because he didn’t want to be on camera ?? I told you guys they have been secretly dating for a few months now….he bought her a very nice Rolex watch ???? That’s him in the yellow hat, and green shirt with the lettering down his sleeve..she got up to kiss him for getting her that Rolex, they cut that part off tho? Future 2/BowWow 0??‍♀️#TeaTENDERS

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Future is visible briefly in the video. Reportedly the “Mask Off” rapper gifted her with a brand new Rolex, Chavis reciprocated the love with a little kiss. So what did Lil Bow Wow have to say about their display of affection? Find out on the next page..