Shocking Moment Man Shoots His Girlfriend Accidentally During Fight With Another Dude


Below is the horrifying moment a New York City man accidentally shoots his girlfriend while fighting with another man.  The leaked video shows the man and his girlfriend walking up to a corner store and confronting a dude standing outside. The girlfriend starts the altercation by pulling the hooded man from the doorway. At that point the hooded man swing on the girl and her boyfriend begins to retaliate by hitting the hooded man. During this scuffle the boyfriend pulls out a concealed piston and discharges it at the hooded man.  The bullet misses the intended target and hits the girlfriend who was on the other side of the hooded man. The girlfriend staggers away as the boyfriend continues to fight with the hooded man before he turns back in shock to see that his girlfriend has bled out onto the sidewalk. Warning the video below is very graphic and not for the faint of heart.