Cardi B Explains Why She Hasn’t Had Her Own Tour Yet


cardi b explains why she hasn't toured

Cardi B’s fans can’t get enough of her and are itching for more music and a tour. When a troll tweeted her saying, “Anyone gonna explain why Cardi hasn’t gone on any type of a tour yet or do we all just agree a lot of her success has come from payola and fake sales,” Cardi broke down the reason why she hasn’t had a solo tour yet despite topping the charts.

Cardi tweeted back, “maybe I’m doing festivals and independent solo concerts to prove that I need big tour deal checks.” She went on to break down the financial details, “I’m making 750k to a million a show some people do less then that on tour due to stage budget. Learn the business.”

Cardi’s performance at Ireland’s Longitude Festival drew a huge crowd. Check out this areal photo below.

huge crowd turns out to see Cardi B in ireland

In this Twitter conversation, Cardi did say a solo tour is coming but not until after her next album comes out.