Cardi B Leaves New York Fashion Week Party With Knot On Her Head After Attack On Nicki Minaj!

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nicki minaj before attack at NYFW


Cardi B has tried to keep it classy but last night she had enough. She attempted to confront Nicki Minaj for allegedly lying, sneak dissing and criticizing her abilities as a mother. Nicki had instructed her security to keep Cardi B out of her vicinity and that’s exactly what they did. Check out the brawl that took place at the Harper’s Bazaar ICONS event last night in the video below.



Here’s another video angle from close up.


Cardi was escorted out of the party by security after the attack. She had a noticeable knot on her head and her dress was ripped. Cardi also wasn’t wearing any shoes because she attempted to throw one at Nicki but apparently missed. Reportedly the lump on Cardi B’s head came from a security guard’s elbow as he tried to hold her back.


cardi B leaving NYFW party after brawl

Despite a friendly photo opportunity at the MET Gala earlier this year, Cardi explained in the social media post below why she is mad at Nicki Minaj:


cardi B explains attack on Nicki Minaj