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Cardi B Takes On The Shade Room In Blistering Social Media Posts.

Cardi B takes on The Shade Room founder Angie Nwandu
Cardi B takes on The Shade Room founder Angie Nwandu


The business of hip-hop reporting is as grimy as it gets. We know because we are in the rap news business. It’s a lot of smoke and mirrors along with straight trash being sold as legit news. Bottom line is it’s all about the clicks but there is a fine line between click-bait and slander.


It seems Cardi B feels that The Shade Room may have crossed that line.  Cardi has gone on the offensive against The Shade Room and its founder Angie Nwandu. She feels her coverage of The City Girls, Quality Control’s CEO Pierre “Pee” Thomas and her husband Offset have been unfair. This is what Cardi had to say about the situation:


“She know that she not allowed to post me, so what does she do? She posts mad sh-t of people that she know that I’m associated with,” she said. I’m not saying that I only want people to post positive sh*t about us. At the end of the day, a blog is a blog, and I feel like they gotta post the good and the bad. But come on, now. That bias sh-t that people wanna do all the time because they on a f**king hate campaign—they on some ‘F**k QC,’ ‘F*ck Cardi B’ campaign. That sh*t is getting wack.”

Cardi also blames blogs in general for fueling the beef between T.I. and Kodak Black:



Listen, blogs such as ours do have a responsibility in what narrative we put forth. At the same time media coverage helps fuel an artist popularity, sales and booking appeal.  It’s a tangled web when you become a celeb.  Do you think Cardi has a point with her frustration regarding media coverage or is she being petty?