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Casanova 2xx Thinks Most Rappers Would Tell Just Like Tekashi 6ix9ine


By now the whole world knows Tekashi 6ix9ine is squealing like a pig. Brooklyn MC Casanova has a very pragmatic view of the situation. He expressed his thoughts on 69 telling as such:


Niggas talk all that shit. I’m talking about all these rappers, all these fake gangsters. You go to the fucking feds for a RICO, and offer you 20 years and you’re a millionaire. You’re telling.


Listen in to the clip below…



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#casanova speaks on #tekashi69 … if you were in 69 position would you be able to hold water ?

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Despite understanding why Tekashi is telling,  Casanova made it very clear he wants no parts of dealing with the skittles kid. When asked if he thought 69 would still have a career after snitching, he responded:

They still play his music now!



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