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Child Protective Services Have Tyrese Under A Watchful Eye

R&B singer and actor Tyrese is under investigation by Child Protective Services as his ex claims he physically beat their daughter so bad that she could not sit down. Norma Gibson says he beat their 10 year old daughter between 12-16 times while Tyrese claims he’s only spanked his daughter once.

Gibson is now also concerned that Tyrese will take their daughter to Dubai, where he has business ties, and not come back so she has filed for a  permanent restraining order and  full physical and legal custody. She’s also asked the courts to require Tyrese take domestic violence classes to improve his behavior.

Tyrese says these claims are just jealousy since Tyrese has move on from this relationship. He released this message on the situation,

Urgent read my full post thank you.. One day we’re going to sit down over tea and laugh about how they tried to turn us on each-other and what they didn’t know is that it only solidified our lifetime #daddydaughterbond that will never ever ever be broken…….. Praying for you everyday angel I love you and I’m holding onto every laugh and every moment……. Love and light…… Watch how your father rose above and stayed centered in the middle of this unexpected storm – A set back is merely a set UP for many many amazing things to come…… #forgivethemfathergodfortheynotknowwhattheydo#amen I need you to google #parentingalienation and #enmeshment it’s mind blowing how accurate this all is…”


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