Chuck D Say Jay Z and Diddy should Spread the Wealth



Public Enemy founder Chuck D says it’s great that Diddy and Jay Z are battling it out to see who will be come hip hop’s first billionaire but “How many jobs have you created? Who are you paying and what are you doing for it? It all came out from the sacrifices we made for you.”


The iconic rapper told HipHop DX, “I look at my peer group and they’re just trying to get by. Look at a guy like Masta Ace who’s just trying to continue his art and feed his family, I just wish the distribution is a little less painful.”


When Jay surpassed Diddy on the Forbes list of Wealthiest Hip Hop Artists, Diddy proclaimed, “It’s time for us to work for the betterment of our people! We will educate! We will share information! No sucker s**t allowed! We will show our people how together all of us have to build Black Generational Wealth! We all We Got!” Chuck would like to see this claim take shape.


Meanwhile, in a salute to Public Enemy’s iconic album ‘Fear Of A Black Planet’, Swedish beatsmith Max I Million recruited Chuck D, Bishop Lamont and Mykill Miers for a new track called “I Rap Black.” Listen below.