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CyHi The Prynce Says Kanye West Overpays Collaborators and Irv Gotti Announces Project



Irv Gotti took to social media to hint that he is working on something major with Kanye West. Gotti posted this pic with the caption, “When 2 people like me and Kanye get together, Hip Hop is about to get something enormous. Like enormous. 2 crazy. Out of the box thinkers. That only thinks about serving the world!! Hahah. Stay Tuned. Great great great meeting of the minds. Like i told him. We have to take a pic of this [sic].”

And Gotti should be really thankful for that as CyHi The Prynce revealed that Kanye is very generous with his money and often over pays people that collaborate with him. CyHi says, “If you’re delivering waters, if you’re the engineer, if you’re the cameraman, if he ask you one thing about this song, you’re name is on this record. All you got to do is be in the brainstorming. If you were in the brainstorm room, you get part of the record.” Does that mean Taylor Swift got a cut? Probably not but find out the odd character that did in the interview below.




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