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Dame Dash Arrested For Unpaid Child Support

Damon Dash arrested on two child support warrants

Damon Dash was in Manhattan for an unrelated Federal court appearance when he was cuffed and booked by New York City Deputy Sheriffs for two arrest warrants.

Chief Joseph Faucito, head of the Office of Sheriff of the City of New York, said, “He knows about warrants — he talks about it online and he knew he couldn’t come to New York because he would be arrested.” He continued,  “We’ve been tracking him and finally got him.”

Damon Dash arrested on two child support warrants 2

The first warrant was for $62,553.29 in child support he owed his baby mama Cindy Morales. He was forced to pay that onsite. Then Damon was led into Bronx Family Court in cuffs where he had to pay $341,991.16 plus $25K in attorney fees judgment he owed his ex-wife Rachel Roy, who had sued him not paying his child report.

Dash exited the court building with a film crew and his new fiance telling the paparazzi, “Ain’t no money problems. I went to turn myself in with money! I already paid it! And I still walked it with cuffs,” he railed, adding: “No more warrants. Everything is clear.”