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Damon Dash Comes Out On Top In Financial Dispute With Lee Daniels


Damon Dash gets a well deserved win in his battle over $2 million he loaned director Lee Daniels .  According to The Blast, Damon dropped his $5 million lawsuit:


On November 26, Dash filed court documents in New York revealing that he and Daniels have reached an agreement to discontinue all claims with prejudice, meaning the lawsuit cannot be refiled in the future.


Their issues all stem from a $2 million loan back in 2004. Damon invested in Daniels in exchange for rights to certain films. Most notably, rights to ‘Precious’, ‘The Butler’ and the television show ‘Empire’.  Daniels however failed to live up to his end of the bargain and even tried to change the settlement agreement through “threats of criminal prosecution.”  This led to the now infamous video of Dash confronting Daniels about the debt.  


We are glad  to see Dash and Daniels were able to finally get their business right without the courts intervention. Now can we finally get this Richard Pryor biopic done and in theaters?? Damon was supposed to be attached to that project, receiving a co-executive producing credit on the film, and also 5% of the profits that Daniels would get on the back end.  Maybe with the lawsuit behind them they can pull off a miracle and get this movie out of limbo.