Danity Kane’s Aubrey O’Day Calls Out Diddy For “Racist” And “Sexist” Behavior

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Didy slammed by Aubrey O'Day of Making The Band group Danity Kane

In the wake of Diddy announcing he is bringing back his reality TV show searching for new talent, former “Making the Band” star Aubrey O’Day revealed some shocking claims. The Danity Kane band member recently did an interview recalling the “scary” times she had with Diddy as her band leader. “Everything had to be perfect,” she said. “I remember times where he looked at my toenails and was like, ‘What is your third toenail doing? Go get that sh– fixed before you walk into a room.’”

Before O’Day was dismissed by Diddy, Danity Kane released two albums under his Bad Boy Records label. O’Day went on to tell Variety magazine, “We were scared to death with what would happen with Puff each day,” she continues. “There was just no room for error. Diddy was one of the most intense people you could ever work with. I experienced everything from race [remarks] to sexism and a lot of it was scary.”

Aubrey O Day new danity kane group

O’Day has recently reformed Danity Kane, minus a few of the original members, and has been in talks with MTV to do her own reality show about the groups reunion. She also has hope that Diddy’s behavior has changed, “Diddy’s a father, so hopefully he’s learned things about the way that you handle women and has more compassion for women now,