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Did Fetty Wap Get Married?

Fetty Wap Got Married

Fetty Wap may be finally settling down. He allegedly got married to a woman known (for now) only as her Instagram handle “RoseDealer.” The rapper who has 6 baby mothers including Masika and Alexis Skyy, recently sent the stunning Rose a ton of flowers for her birthday.



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Wife life. ❤️

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The beauty posted a video and some photos of her celebration saying, “Out for a late birthday dinner with my girls. Even tho he all the way in Germany , my husband managed to send me 300 Roses. I fucking loveeeee you @fettywap1738 ❤️😍🤟🏾”


Fetty Wap can be seen swimming with Rose in another post and even commented in an Instagram story, ““Woke up a married man.”