Did Richard Pryor Put A Hit On Comedian Paul Mooney?

did Richard Pryor have a hit on Paul Mooney

A new interview by the bodyguard of comedic icon Richard Pryor is bringing up some scary allegations against Paul Mooney. Rashon Khan claims that Pryor had a $1 million hit out on Paul Mooney’s head once he discovered that the fellow comedian had sexually abused Pryor’s son. Mooney has denied these claims.


After this story broke, TMZ caught up with ¬†Richard Pryor Jr. who said “whatever happened in my life happened when I was young.” He also said, “how can it be consensual when I was a teenager” but wouldn’t discuss the incident or the alleged hit any further. Mooney’s team says the allegations are untrue and the timeline doesn’t add up since Mooney was seen spending time with Pryor up to 1999.