Did Singer Kehlani Get New Boobs? It Sure Looks That Way!

Kehlani New Boobs Pictures Hot


Something seems a little different about Oakland singer Kehlani. If we had to put our finger on it (we wish), we would say she upgraded her chest. Check out this before snap of  Kehlani where her breasts don’t seem as ample…


before breast enhancement surgery Kehlani picture


Still cute but definitely not overflowing in the boobs region. But look at some of her most recent pictures where she shows off massive cleavage. Kehlani’s boobs definitely seem enhanced..

Kehlani New Boobs Pictures Hot


More power to her if she did go under the knife. Kehlani New Boobs Pictures Hot

It’s quality boobsmanship.

Kehlani New Boobs Pictures Hot

we ain’t mad at her one bit. Check out one more hot shot of her ample assets below: