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Diddy Tops Forbe’s List of Top Earning Musicians


“I’m the average person,” Diddy told FORBES earlier this year. “I started looking at business at the age of 12, [from] delivering newspapers to working in gas station bathrooms, or even doing things like being a background dancer or a stylist. Whatever I could do to get close to the industry.” Well his hustle has paid off as Diddy has earned $130 million this year. The mogul gain that from the Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour, his Ciroc vodka deal, and the sale of one-third of his Sean John clothing line for an estimated $70 million.

Here’s the remaining top 10 musicians on the list:

2) Beyoncé ($105 M)
3) Drake ($94 M)
4) The Weeknd ($92 M)
5) Coldplay ($88 M)
6) Guns N’ Roses ($84 M)
7) Justin Bieber ($83.5 M)
8) Bruce Springsteen ($75 M)
9) Adele ($69 M)
10) Metallica ($66.5 M)


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