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Drake Allegedly Hooks Up 2 McDonald’s Employees With 10K Each!


Drake is still out here playing Robin Hood. The latest headline involving the 6 God is a story fresh out of Los Angeles. Drake was spotted grabbing some late night fast food at an L.A. area Mickey D’s. While there, the rapper allegedly gifted two employees some major cheese and not the type that goes on a burger.


Drake at McDonalds
Drake getting a late night McDonalds snack. But the employees were the ones ‘lovin it’, when he allegedly left a $20,000 tip.


A USC student on hand tweeted out the following:

“Just saw Drake in McDonald’s… crazy,” adding, “And he gave two female employees $10,000 each… in cash.”


This isn’t the first time Drake has given out money to his fans (see below) and hopefully other artist will follow his lead.


Update – Turns out it was only $100 dollars but we still tip our hat to him for giving.