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Drake Responds After Being Labeled A “Culture Vulture”, By Grime Artist Wiley

Drake Addresses Culture Vulture label by Wiley


Drake is currently on tour in the United Kingdom but you won’t see UK’s grime artist Wiley joining him on stage. Wiley made comments (some since deleted) that allege Drake is a culture vulture for riding different waves. Read some of the tweets that are still up..





Wiley’s comments obviously bothered Drake because he addressed him head-on during a recent interview on BBC 1, stating:


“I hate that people think that me being into music from these kids that are trying to make it and build a name for themselves is like, ‘Oh, that’s some culture vulture. What does that even mean? I don’t understand. Would you rather me not acknowledge anything or not support? That’s some real confused like, hater sh*t,” Drake said “I’ll never understand how, like, supporting somebody’s song, or even going a step further, giving somebody a song or linking up. I’ll never understand how that’s not viewed as something admirable. I didn’t like that. And that’s Wiley that said that … I don’t understand what you think I get out of it. I don’t make any money. I just enjoy music. And I love to see people thriving in their element.”



What do you think? Is Drake being genuine or does Wily have a point with his culture vulture claims?