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Drake Trolls Pusha T With An Invoice But Also Dropped $200 On His Signed Mic

drake's invoice to Pusha T over his lyrics



Drake sent Pusha T an invoice for calling him out on his song “Infrared.” Drake has never liked the fact that Pusha T slammed Lil Wayne and Birdman so Pusha calling out Drake for using ghostwriters may have been the last straw.  The Pusha T lyric in questions says,

“The game’s fucked up, niggas’ beats is banging Nigga, ya hooks did it / The lyric pennin’ equal to Trump’s winnin’ / The bigger question is how the Russians did it/ It was written like Nas But it came from Quentin.”


In addition to the invoice, Drake quickly dropped “Duppy Freestyle” a rebuttal track where he claims he’s ghost written for Kanye West. Check it out below.


Drake – Duppy Freestyle


You can hear Drake’s pain in “Duppy Freestyle”.  Canada’s favorite son was formerly a huge fan of Pusha T.  As he details in the song, Drizzy even bought a signed Pusha T mic when he was 17  years-old.  Fans fact checked this lyric and dug up an old interview where Drake confirms the story.




Needless to say all this drama was the perfect time for Drake to drop his new single “I’m Upset.” Check it out below.

Drake – I'm Upset