Eye Candy: Hot Hunks of Hip Hop (pics)

Wiz Khalifa Packs on Muscles

This edition of Eye Candy is for the ladies! Hip Hop has gotten healthy. Yes there’s still weed and booze but your favorite stars are hitting the gym and showing off their hot hunky bodies. Here’s a roundup of the hottest hunks in hip hop.

Wiz Khalifa muscles, Before and after workout

Wiz Khalifa has a weed business but has bulked up from doing Muay Thai Kickboxing training.

A$AP Rocky  Hot Body

A$AP Rocky is so hot he’s modeled in his undies for Calvin Klein.

Travis Scott gets his washboard abs from all the crazy jumping and ragging he does on stage.

Trey Songz Abs pic

Trey Songz has wash board abs and a honey voice.

Hot Meek Mill pic

Meek Mill may be timid but he’s got a hot bod under those designer clothes.

Lil Romeo HotPic

Lil Romeo isn’t so little anymore as he shows off his hot body in this pic.

Lil Romeo hot body pic


Iman Shumpert Hot Pic

Iman Shumpert may be a part time rapper but his full time job has him looking fit.

The game hot body

The Game gets fit by lifting weights and hiking the California hills.

Drake Hot Pic

Not only did Drake get his beard right but he bulked up his body for the ultimate glow up.

Chris brown hot body

Chris Brown shows off his chiseled abs every now and then and for that we are thankful.


blueface hot pic

Blueface is a newcomer to the rap game but he can also fallback on modeling.

But Gucci Mane takes the prize for the biggest transformation. He credits eating right, getting off of lean and work outs for his new hot body.

Gucci Mane before and after hot body

Gucci Mane Hot Body