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Fabolous Explains Why His “Sopranos” Cameo Was Cut

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Fabolous talks about failed acting opportunity

Many rappers get into acting but Fabolous says he’s had a tough time at it because of his looks. He explains that he shot a scene for the famed HBO show “The Sopranos” but he was cut out and replaced. Fab says, “I was actually losing roles because I wasn’t looking old enough to play … I lost a role on The Sopranos back in the days.”  “They had me playing a role and they just said I just look like I was 17, 18 next to these Italian mob guys. They ended up using somebody else. And I shot it and everything and they said, ‘You just look like a baby compared to them,’” he continued.

For the record, Fabolous is 42 years-old. Hear more from Fabolous about acting and what his next moves are in the video below.