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Fabolous Recalls Paying Lil Wayne $100k For 15 Minutes of Work

Fabolous paid lil wayne 100k for feature

Fabolous was reflecting on his career in a “Drink Champs” interview and recalled the time he worked with Lil Wayne. He said, this was around 1999 and Cash Money was really hot so his label paid Lil Wayne $100k to do a feature on Fabs record. He explains, “They requested four bottles of Cristol … So the four bottles is there. We in the studio. We thinking that four bottles of Cris means they gonna come in, we gonna vibe, drink some champagne. Wayne came in there, did his verse in 15 minutes, they was out. Took the four bottles with them. That’s like my first time even seeing something like that. I’m like, ‘This sh*t different.’ They jumped off a tour bus, came in there, Wayne recited his verse 2 or 3 times. Good. Took the bottles with them.”

Fab says all that money and the song never even came out. Check out this and  more stories from Fabolous below.