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Fat Joe Explains How He Went Broke

Fat Joe Talks about going broke

Fat Joe’s latest and possibly his last album is making a lot of noise right now but did you know Joe almost lost it all? Joe explained that after making a ton of money around the time of his “Jealous Ones Still Envy (J.O.S.E.)” album he developed some terrible spending habits that ended up almost ruining him.

In this clip from his exclusive interview with Tidal, Joe says he was going to the bank every day and getting out $50k in cash. He explains, . “Every n***a in my crew, 30 n***as in the Bronx has white f*cking Cadillac trucks with TS chains on … So I go in there one day and the lady goes, ‘Mr. Joe, there must be something wrong. There’s no money in your bank account.’ My asshole got this tight, my n***a. Like the cartoons birds is going around your f*cking head.”