Fat Joe Posts Heartfelt Message To Son with Special Needs

Fat Joe said he “never wanted to post or show pics” of his first born son Joey because of how cruel people can be. Now he’s opening up posting this¬† beautiful photo and a heartfelt message about his son who has Autism.

fat joe opens up about son with special needs

The rapper said, “Imagine being just a kid yourself being told that your first born has Autism. I was devastated to say the least , i was afraid God why is this happening to me. Nobody wants life to be hard until your confronted with reality what do you do , i knew for certain i nor my family would ever give up on JOEY, no matter how difficult life is or may become never give up on your family. Joey is and has always been a million times happier than me , he brings us joy i believe he has kept my parents alive, they never want to leave his side . I never wanted to post or show pics of Joe cause people can be cruel but i learned to share my life experiences with my people so that you know your not alone. Happy bday my son i love you and my kids till my last breath thank you mommy and poppy for supporting me my whole life and teaching me how to be a better person when JOEY celebrates his bday we all celebrate another victory another beautiful win for the family Happy Bday Joe love you”