Floyd Mayweather Gives $300 Tip To Each Cook At Las Vegas Restauant

floyd mayweather give generous tip to cooks

We often hear of stars leaving lavish tips for waiters and waitresses but Floyd Mayweather did something a bit different. After enjoying a delicious mean at Las Vegas hot spot Catch, Mayweather went into the kitchen and tipped each cook $300. “He personally thanked everyone,” said an insider. “The cooks were ecstatic and thankful!”

Floyd’s been known to flash him earnings- they don’t call him “Money” Mayweather for nothing. This new generous action may overtake his past downfalls. In 2014, a waitress claimed the boxing champ had run up a $25,000 tab at the Hard Rock on an order of 200 chicken wings and 20 bottles of Champagne — and didn’t leave a tip.