Fugees’ Member Pras Indicted Over Obama Donation

Fugees' Member Pras Indicted Over Obama Donation1


We warned you guys that the law was looking into Pras connection to Malaysian financier  Jho Low .  Now it looks like an indictment has been handed down.

U.S. prosecutors brought additional charges against Jho Low, the Malaysian national accused of looting the 1MDB wealth fund, for campaign-finance violations related to President Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election effort.

According to an indictment unsealed Friday in Washington, Low transferred $21.6 million to Pras Michel, a musician and film producer, who spread approximately $865,000 among 20 people. These straw donors, in turn, gave the cash to a presidential fundraising committee without indicating it had come from a foreign source. Michel also sent more than $1 million to an independent election committee, prosecutors said.

You can indict a ham sandwich so this doesn’t automatically mean Pras is guilty of any wrongdoing. That being said it doesn’t look good when the FEDs are breathing down your neck.   The indictment charges Michel with conspiracy, false statement and 2 counts of false entry in record.