Future Debuts New Song About The Bad Effects of Drug Use

new future song talks about drug addiction

Future debuted the first track from his 7 song EP “Save Me” and it’s a testament to the bad sad effects of drug use. Future hsa release several songs promoting the abuse of prescription drugs but admitted earlier this year that he’s stopped taking lean. He said, “I didn’t want to tell nobody I stopped drinking lean,because then they’re going to be like ‘his music changed because he ain’t drinking lean no more. I can hear it when he changed it” … it just be hard when your fans are used to you a certain type of way. You’re afraid to change.”

In this new, intimate track titled “XanaX Damage,” Future says, “I don’t mean to ruin all the times we had alone/But I’m not my best with you, I’m so depressed with you.” Check out the track below.