Get Katt Williams On The Breakfast Club!! Katt Is Named Donkey Of The Day But The WWW Disagrees!


Katt Williams latest radio interview has definitely ruffled a few feathers.  So Charlamagne The God put on his cape and weighed in by giving Katt donkey of the day and the internet has responded.  The video currently sits at 2.4k upvotes to 4.3k down votes with the majority of commentators siding with Katt.  Listen to what Charlamagne had to say in the video below…



Did you think Katt was just “hating” or was he touching on valid points during his interview? This is a sample of some popular comments  left on the video:


Tiffany is not funny she barely makes me crack a smile let alone laugh sad but true #wandadoesagreatbroccoli?????
I don’t agree with this straight bullshit he spoke his opinion and that’s that explain why black stereotype sell in Hollywood then?????? Right that’s all he was saying but he explained it more.
Damn all that and Charlamagne still couldn’t even name one Tiffany haddish joke.
Kevin has done all these crappy movies playing the token black guy but Katt just won an Emmy for his guest appearance on Atlanta so why would he be hating on Kevin. ? Kevin Hart is a yes man who stays away from controversial topics on his stand up which has made him more marketable. Kudos to him for capitalizing on that, but he is not at the level of Chapelle or Katt Williams. Period. He was not coming for Tiffany, he used her as an example of someone who big executives pushed to the forefront while passing up more seasoned black females who have proven their talent. Hollywood will dispose of her like a dirty diaper soon so she better use this time to invest her money.
The list goes on and while we are on the subject, Kevin Hart weighed in and decided to take the high road…