Here’s What Critics Are Saying About Cardi B’s Role in “Hustlers”

Critics praise Cardi B acting in Hustlers


Cardi B is on the radio, on Netflix, on Fashiona Nova, in commercials for Reebok, and now on the big screen in her film debut. Cardi was asked by Jennifer Lopez to star in the film “Hustlers” and the reviews are in. The film is out this weekend but just debuted at the  Toronto International Film Festival and many journalists are praising the film. USA Today‘s Brian Truitt  said the entire supporting cast of the “empowering extravaganza” of a film, noting that each made “the most of their time.” A scene in which Cardi’s character gives Wu’s character a lap dance tutorial is regarded as a highpoint in the movie by The Guardian‘s Benjamin Lee.

Critics praised Cardi’s performance as “Diamond” but added that they wanted more of her in the film. The NY Post critic who saw the film said Cardi’s lack of screen time was a “detriment” to the film. Check out an extended trailer of “Hustlers” below before it hits theaters this weekend.