Hip Hop Stars Turn Back on Sweden After A$AP Rocky Injustice


Lil Yachty, T.I., Tyler The Creator and Schoolboy Q are some of the hip hop stars who are refusing to go to or perform in Sweden because of A$AP Rocky’s recent arrest.

This week Rocky’s appeal was denied and he is still being held in a Swedish prison for at least another week before he heads to court. If charged he could face 6 years in jail. A$AP’s lawyers have said the unjust arrest for defending himself from a stalker fan has already cost Rocky  $1.7 million in earnings and if it continues it could “spell the end of his career.”



Rocky was denied seeing an official from the U.S. Consulate upon his arrest and is said to be held in inhumane conditions. Reports are he is sleeping on a yoga mat with no blankets and has been given dirty water to drink.

The most recent video footage that was released to the public of the incident in question clearly shows the “victim” throwing things at A$AP Rocky’s security guard first before anyone ever lays a hand on him. You can also see A$AP try to diffuse the situation saying “we don’t want to fight y’all.”