How Much Does The Cast Of Love & Hip-Hop Get Paid?

Cardi B’s hit song “Bodak Yellow” ends with the line “I just run and check the mail, Another check from Mona Scott.” But just how much are those Love And Hip Hop Stars getting paid?

Starring on Love & Hip Hop is a worth while come up for singers, rappers and regular folks. Most go on to release albums, clothing lines, makeup lines and more based upon their popularity with viewers. Others get paid for night club appearance. Though many of the salaries for the show are undisclosed, we have some clues as to how much airing your drama and controversy pays.

Love & Hip Hop producer Mona Scott was about to cut Kirk Frost and his wife Rasheeda from the Atlanta cast as their story line was getting stale until producers found out about Kirk’s womanizing ways. For season 6 the woman of Kirk’s new baby Jasmine Washington was paid $7,000 for bringing her drama to the air and Kirk got a whopping $300,000.

Mimi Faust got paid $380,000 for Season 4 but raked in a few million for her sex tape.

Keyshia Cole asked for over $1 million to be on the show after Scott approached her. Negotiations went back and forth but ultimately Cole decided to pass.

Soulja Boy once showed off a check for $25k,  claiming it was for just one episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. Ray J and girlfriend Princess renegotiated their contract with Mona Scott to include undisclosed bonuses if the ratings were good and get control over editing so that their relationship was portrayed in a more positive manner.

Cam’ron joined the Love & Hip Hop New York cast in 2016. Though he and wife JuJu weren’t main cast members they earned $15,000 per episode. Meanwhile Felicia Snoop and Kimbella are paid $125,000 for the season. Remy Ma‘s return to the spotlight on L&HH NY brought her a whopping $76,000 per episode or $1 million for the season. That’s more than NeNe Leaks got for Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Rumor is that cast members also get an extra $35,000 for attending a 9 hour taping for the reunion special. Not a bad pay day if you don’t mind acting like a fool publicly.