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How Much Is Chris Brown’s Net Worth?

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R&B Musician Chris Brown’s Net Worth in 2017 is $35 Millionhow much is pop star Chris Brown worth

Christopher “Chris” Maurice Brown

Date of Birth: May 5, 1989

Profession: singer, songwriter, rapper

Nationality: American

Height: 6 ft (1.85m)


Although not a rapper. He is definitely part of the culture. Chris Brown, R&B musician, has a $35 million net worth. He already has two multi-platinum studio albums out of the six albums that he released.

Born on the 25th of May in 1989, Chris learned to dance and sing by himself through watching the performances of his favorite artists, Michael Jackson and Usher. Chris’ parents also had a soul records collection which greatly influenced his love for music during his younger years.

With the help of his mother, he was able to obtain a recording agreement and contract in his teens. In 2005, he was only 16 years old when he was able to record his first album. During his debut, the single “Run It!” topped the chart. The single made him the first male artist debuting at number 1 on the Billboard charts.

In 2007, Chris got into acting. He played a minor role in the hit movie “Stomp in the Yard,” a film about a dance competition. He had another appearance in the hit TV show “The O.C.” where he played the character Will Tutt. A regular role was assigned to Chris in the movie “This Christmas” later that year.

It was also in the year 2007 where Chris founded Chris Brown Entertainment (CBE), his record label. CBE is also known as Culture Beyond Your Evolution.

Chris’ income primarily comes from his tours and music sales. His albums gained a lot of support from listeners, which made his albums go mostly platinum. A good example is his fourth album “F.A.M.E.,” which obtained more than $2.6 million in record sales.  He loves to work with various artists and he appeared as a featured artist in as many as 90 songs.

Aside from being a musician, Chris also has other income sources. He owns 15 chains of Burger King Restaurants. His Burger King alone earns at least $1.6 million of his net worth.

He also owns the clothing line Black Pyramid, which is named after the ancient wonders of Egypt. He gains $4 million from his clothing business.

At one time, Chris was involved in a scandal when he assaulted Rihanna. The incident left the former hospitalized. He voluntarily surrendered and he had to render five years of community service. He also sought to have counseling on domestic violence. Rihanna and Chris resumed their relationship in 2013, but the two broke up after four months.

According to Chris, the studio album “X” stands for the numeral ten as it is his 10th year in the music industry. It is also considered a metaphor for “ex-girlfriend,” implying that he has already moved on. Chris has a daughter with Nia Gonzalez. Dude has serious talent and money in the bank. Let’s hope he doesn’t lose his way and has a chance to enjoy his wealth.