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How Much Is DJ Akademiks Worth?

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Find Out DJ Akademiks Net Worth BelowHow Much Is DJ Akademiks Worth

DJ Akademiks


Date Of Birth :May 17, 1991

Profession: YouTuber, DJ

Nationality: Jamaica

Industry newcomer DJ Akademiks’ net worth is $600,000.

DJ Akademics aka The Negrotiator or Livingston Allen, was born in Spanish Town, Jamaica but moved to the US when he was in high school. He earned a degree in Biomathematics from Rutgers university all while DJing for the school radio station and at campus parties. He first began his YouTube page posting videos of himself DJing parties but then started posting talking head pieces.

He has 1.3 million subscribers on his channel growing by around 1,500 new subs daily. Akademiks has accrued over 500m views since he started making Youtube videos. The channel’s videos cumulatively get an average of 900k views per day which generates an estimated revenue of around $1,400 per day ($510,000 a year) from YouTube ads alone.

Akademiks also has his own website featuring hip hop news called Late Night Creep, and hosts a debate show with rapper Joe Budden and Nadeska Alexis titled Everyday Struggle which airs on Complex magazine’s YouTube page. Despite beef from his topics of discussion including 21 Savage, Wale, and Vic Mensa, DJ Akademiks is a rising personality who will certainly gain even more money from appearances in the future. For now earning $600,000 from YouTube ads is a pretty easy check.